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Alpaca Adventures of Mid Michigan

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Upcoming Events

Our FINAL Alpaca Bazaar. We are retiring this will be your last chance to buy alpaca products.

Saturday November 6, 2021
Williams twp Hall

*Hosted by Alpaca Adventures of Mid Michigan*

Website is down at this time. All remaining items will be at the Alpaca Bazaar on November 6, 2021 at the Williams Township Hall 1080 W. Midland Rd. Auburn. Hope to see you then.

Welcome to our farm! Alpaca Adventures of Mid Michigan is located in Auburn, Michigan; owned and operated by Mark and Barb Schick.

Our best selling product is our Extreme Alpaca Socks. We are often asked about the sizes's our sizing chart (also available under the "Product" tab) to help make shopping easier!

Alpaca Socks Sizing Chart

Extreme Alpaca Socks 7-9 (Fit Ladies' Shoe Size 5-8 or Kid's Shoe Size 4-6)

Extreme Alpaca Socks 9-11 (Fit Men's Shoe 7-9 or Ladies' 8-10)

Extreme Alpaca Socks 10-13 (Fit Men Shoe 9-11 or Ladies' 10-12)

Extreme Alpaca Socks 13-15 (Fit Men's Shoe Size 11-14 or Ladies 13-15)

Extreme Alpaca Socks 14-17 (Fit Men's Shoe Size 13-16)

(for Therapeutic, Yoga, Dress, Argyle & Hiker socks)

Small (Fits Shoe Size Women's 5-8 and Men's 4-7)

Medium (Fits Shoe Size Women's 8-10 and Men's 7-9)

Large (Fits Shoe Size Women's 10-12 and Men's 9-11)

Please inquire about financing and boarding options available at 989-295-1700 or email at